Aunt Bea’s Lavender Soap Bar

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0.26 LBS

Product Overview

Our delcious smelling soaps are kettle made in small batches. Our soaps gently cleanse with loads of lather. We work with natural ingredients to produce an artesian, high-quality, moisturizing soap bar. 

We are committed to using the finest ingredients for your skin. NO DYES. The following moisturizing vegetable oils are used—olive oil, cocnut, palm soy, caster oil, and Vitamin E. Then we blend in beeswax for it’s skin conditioning properties and also creates a firmer, longer-lasting bar of soap. And finally, beneficial herbs and pure essential oils are added. 

Our creamy white lavender soap is ultra moisturizing with the addtion of super-fatted with cocoa butter. It is very gentle and moisturizing. A customer favorite!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review