Hummingbird Feeder - Luster multi color

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Product Overview

Glass hummingbird feeder with removeable rubber cork for refilling and quick cleaning. Hanging chain attached. Colors: Blue, Purple and Burgandy with opalescent finish.
Note: No color choice available.

The Hummingbird diet consists of small soft body insects (aphids, gnats, small spiders, small fruit flies that feed on rotten fruit, etc.) and nectar from flowers which is mostly sucrose. When installing a feeder, you are providing them an easy access to only the sucrose part of their diet. This is very important when flower nectar is in short supply.

Feeder Food Recipe

One (1) Part White Sugar (Do not boil sugar)
Four (4) Parts Boiled Water Re-measure after boiling
Cool to room temperature and the fill feeder

The above ratio approximates the sugar to water ratio present in the nectar of hummingbird flowers. Too much sugar is hard on their liver and kidneys. Too little sugar will not provide the needed calories and may cause them to lose interest in the feeder. Apply Vaseline to the hanger if ants become a problem.

Hanging Instructions
Hang the feeder in the shade where the hummingbirds are safe from cats.

Cleaning Insturctions
Wash the feeder out in very hot water every two to three days. Use a bottle brush to scrub all surfaces then rinse well. In hot weather, above 60 degrees, clean and change feeder every 2 days. Hummingbirds put their tongues into the feeder to drink and sugar water is a good medium for the growth of pathogens. If you see any mold in the feeder or the mixture becomes cloudy, then it was left up too long. Remember, if it is not clean enough for you to drink from then your feeder is not fit for these delicate little hummingbirds. 

Instructions courtesy of: Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center



(No reviews yet) Write a Review